Rapidfixers extensive merchandising experience spans across the last 15 years within various retail and commercial outlets. 

The significant steps within the merchandising industry for Rapidfixers has been ever increasing, and as a company our main objective is that our clients achieve the upmost efficiency from their products.

So Why Choose Rapidfixers? What makes our service different from the rest...
  • Our merchandisers have the Up to Date Techniques, such as the use of planograms which help towards placing and organising at what point each item should be placed on each aisle to achieve easier product replenishment and better product positioning. 
  • We provide a 24/7 hour all round service to support clients with their project requirements, but also for the feasibility of store openings and for refit support.
  • We have a dedicated Account Management Team, whose aim is to provide efficiency in all stages of project delivery and implementation. They will oversee the planning, feasibility and functionality of each merchandising project to coordinate and project manage efficiently, but also ensuring constant lines of communication is kept with the customer.
  • Rapidfixers merchandisers have the know how and expertise to create point of sale displays that will bring the upmost in efficiency for the client's products. This could be to gain extra facing or just general stock rotation to ensure point of sale displays are created to attract customers continuously.







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